out of the blue- julian casablancas

take all your fears,
pretend they're all true
take all your plans,
pretend they fell through

that's what it's like, that's what it's like
for most people in this world


Your Friend Jiffy said...

parker!! i went to all of the magazine stores you suggested (and a couple more along the way) but couldn't find the julian issue! they all had NME, but not the right ones.

so i found the scans of the article haha

anyway, i wish i knew what this song sounds like..lyrics from the scan

parkereloise said...

haha sorry oh darn were they like older or newer issues because if they were older perhaps theyll have the julian issue sometime soon. this is really nice ! is he coming out with n album sooon?

Your Friend Jiffy said...

sept 29 :)

c ontri/bu_tors