sad sad rock - through the sparks

shake, shake your insides
to the sad sad rock & roll


congratulations - mgmt

i'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me


sun hands - local natives

Baby, won't you show me warmth again?
And when I can feel with my sun hands
I'll promise not to lose her again
And even if the morning never comes
My hands are blessed to have touched the sun


exucses - the morning benders

i made an excuse
you found another way to tell the truth


floating vibes - surfer blood

forget the second coming
i need you in the here and now
instead of dreamin' up a way to spread your name
across the world somehow

when you told me you were leavin'
i wasn't thirsty for revenge
no i wasn't disappointed much at all
'cause you'll be back again

if you're movin' out to the west
then you'd better learn how to surf
the tide will break in on itself
there are no ghosts to exhume or unearth

if you're gonna do it then do it
otherwise you just might lose your nerve
i swear that ocean it swallowed me fully
and it might have to follow you home

when you wake up in the morning
and you hear that awful applause
put it in your fucking napkin
and watch it dissolve

you could seal it in an envelope
tuck it away in your safe
but you can't take it to the bank
and you can't take it back


california english - vampire weekend

contra costa, contra mundum, contradict what i say
living like the french connection but we'll die in LA


you're fit but you know it - the streets

That blue top shop top you've got on is nice,
Bit too much fake tan though; but yeah you score high.


the weary kind - ryan bingham

this ain't no place for the weary kind
&this ain't no place to lose your mind
& this ain't no place to fall behind
Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try


the bucket - kings of leon

cancel the thing that i said i'd do
i don't feel comfortable taking to you
'less you've got the zipper fixed on my shoe
then i'll be in the lobby drinking for two


fyffe - the dexateens

well i'm a humble man, and humble men don't get too proud.


modern girls & old fashioned men - the strokes

always thinking about yourself...

...was i?


we want it! we want it

i slept on the sidewalk, and you are underneath the sea


said so what - french kicks

why, tell me why?
i don't know


i wish it was christmas today - julian casablancas

all i know is santa's sleigh is making it's way to the USA
i wish it was christmas today

maybe this christmas - ron sexsmith

maybe this christmas will mean something more


mamacita donde esta santa claus? - guster

I hope he won't forget to clack his castinets,
And to his reindeer, say,
"On! Pancho, On! Vixen, On! Pedro, On! Blitzen,"
Ole! Ole! Ole! cha cha cha.


christmas is going to the dogs - eels

Well, Christmas is going to the dogs
We'd rather have chew toys than Yule logs


knife - grizzly bear

I want you to know
when i look in your eyes
with every blow
comes another lie

c ontri/bu_tors