sugarcube- yo la tengo

and though i like to act the part of being tough
i crumble like a sugarcube
for you


technology - the whigs

"i miss you for an instant but that
instant is old." and she said. "technology, it
needs me." well if you want me then I'd tell ya,
"too bad." cause I..I gotta be by myself. and she
said. "I'm all your fault I'm leavin."


red light- the strokes

childhood's end can be so competitive
oh, the sky's not the limit-
and you're never gonna guess what is...


little queenie - taylor hollingsworth

to hear your voice would change 
       the leaves in any season


imaginary friend- telekinesis

when i was young i had imaginary friends
and, boy, did we have fun
one day my mother told me they were just pretend
and then i had no one


take me to the speedway - the dexateens

tell you some things just 

don't need to rise again...

rebel land. alabam. it's so 

hard, sometimes, to give a damn


if i ever feel better- phoenix

now i've watched all my castles fall
they were made of dust, after all
someday all this mess will make me laugh
i can't wait...


this sentence will ruin / save your life - born ruffians

I need to eat I'm hungry 

I'll grab a bite of a BLT 

That's all I want right now.

With some juice, no coffee. 

I need a girlfriend, I'm lonely 

Someone to love me and fuck me 

I need to get laid immediately


steve (live) - rilo kiley

my mom has this boyfriend his name is Steve

i want him so very much to die but he wont 

- he stands strong, he stays all day long

and he fucks my mom even when she cries

(spoken) this is a horrible song, i was younger 

when i wrote it i didn't understand. moms are 

to be cherished. this is like blink 182

lyrics, i'm not doing it anymore.


come pick me up - ryan adams

I wish you'd make up my bed

So I could make up my mind

Try it for sleeping instead

Maybe you'll rest sometime


what's new for fall - desaparecidos

I want to undress you in your walk-in closet

after you try on one of your new outfits

I know that six months later you won't be caught dead in it


spooky couch- albert hammond jr



cheer it on - tokyo police club

do your neighbors a favor

collect their morning papers

clip out all the bad bits

no one wants to read that

let them take their kids to 

school & the zoo in peace

one- vampire weekend

occident out on the weekend
that's the way that we relax


homework- the bicycles

and i would love to read to you in the morning
a list of instructions, favours and functions


river- akron/family

shadows dance triumphantly
a wordless whisper sighs and pleas
little deaths envelope thee
you and I and a flame make three


for reverend green- animal collective

sometimes you don't know yourself
eating loads of vitamins for your health


winter water- harlem shakes

learn how to gamble don't learn how to swim


where do the children play? - cat stevens

i know we've come a long way
we're changing day to day


in a mirror- born ruffians

& we're both thinking how we're not here
a gracious host, we feel like ghosts
we think too much and disappear
don't think like most
can feel her close


more than television- ruby coast

everyone's traveling somewhere
yet no one's getting younger
it's hard to tell what's a waste of time

c ontri/bu_tors